Affiliated Monumental Projects

K & K Studios is a full-service sculpture studio that prides itself in knowing the entire process of monumental bronze and alternative material designs. You will see just a few of the projects they have been affiliated with in these slideshows:

Mississinewa Battlefield Monument, War of 1812 by Karl Kendall

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The project above was cast by Keith Kendall as he partnered with Southwest Bronze. Above are some photos of the Mississinewa Battlefield Monument placed at Marion, Indiana’s Mississinewa River Sculpture Park. This is a public monument commemorating our nation’s historical War of 1812. The largest War of 1812 monument built to date. To view more about this reenacting event, please feel free to visit their website here. The monument at its placement stands at 15′ tall and is visited by thousands of people every year.

The entire maquette to monument process is shown in the slideshows below starting with the maquette creation:

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Early Rodeo by Rick Terry, enlarged by K & K Studios

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Above are the photos of the Early Rodeo Monument in Prescott, Arizona. This monument was made to honor Prescott’s rodeo history and is placed in downtown Prescott for all to enjoy. K & K Studios enlarged the original design sculpted by Rick Terry in Skurja Art Castings located in Prescott, Arizona.


Yesterday’s Window by Karl Kendall

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Shown above is an alternative art material used to build an exterior sculpture that was placed in front of K & K Studio’s building in Prescott Valley, Arizona. This conceptual process was later used to build the Tree of Life in Walt Disney World. Disney Land’s Sculpture Department had heard of a sculpture studio in Arizona that was pushing the boundaries of the sculpture world. They stopped by the studio and left with great inspiration for their park in Florida.

Cowboy at Rest by Solon Borglum, enlarged by K & K Studios

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Shown above is the Cowboy at Rest clay enlargement that is now placed on Prescott, Arizona’s Courthouse Square. This project was a team effort of artists to assist the project’s completion since the original artist (Solon Borglum) was deceased.

The following artists were invited to complete this clay project: John Skurja, Keith Kendall, Karl Kendall, Susan Kliewer, Cynthia Rigden & Bill Nebeker. The Solon Borglum Committee oversaw the project from beginning to end as to achieve the quality needed for this bronze monument. K & K Studios and Skurja Art Castings were given rave reviews by the Prescott Community Art Trust headed by the ex-mayor Jerri Wagner.  To ensure the quality of the sculpting, Monica Davies (Solon’s daughter) reviewed all the artists’ work involved. The New Britain Museum of American Art also reviewed all work involved.


Various K & K Studio Enlargement Projects

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Shown above are some of K & K Studio’s enlargement projects done for other sculptors who needed some assistance in finalizing their visions in a timely manner. Many of these artists are very capable in sculpting their own large sculptures.  These above designs are not K & K Studio’s designs. Sculptors will use enlargers or colleagues to complete some of their designs due to their deadlines. This is only an example of K & K Studios affiliation with the sculpture art world.

Just some of the artists K & K Studios has worked with over the years is Blaine Gibson (founder of Disney’s Sculpture Studio), Dave McGary, John Coleman, Star Liana York, Natelie Krol, Rick Terry, Bill Nebeker, John Skurja, Pat Happenstall, Solon Borglum, Susan Kliewer, Ken Rowe and many others.

If you wish to know the details of any of the projects above, feel free to email us below