Karl Kendall’s Portfolio

Karl Kendall has an extensive portfolio that ranges between industrial design to fine art. See below for much of his workings that his son, Keith Kendall assisted him with over the years. The portfolio has been organized by the type of creations.

Fine Art Design

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Karl worked ten years for General Motors, including five years within the commercial division under Chief Designer Mike Lathers,  as well as 5 years in the Pontiac II Division under Chief Designer, John Schinella. The most iconic Pontiacs were designed at this time in which Karl displayed his talents with such designs as the 1978 Pontiac Firebird used in the Smokey & the Bandit movies as well as the famed 1982 Pontiac Firebird also known as the Kit car from the Knight Rider TV series.

Industrial Design

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Karl also designed his own decorative art line which is now discontinued in production. If you own one of these limited production sculptures, you own a one of a kind that you hopefully love seeing every day.

Decorative Art

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