K & K Studios’ Automobile Industry History

K & K Studios’ designs have been heavily influenced by automobile design  from the moment Karl turned the key of his first automobile. This led to many career decisions in his life.  Karl Kendall, founder of K & K Studios, was an production designer for Pontiac II, General Motors from 1969 to 1979. During this time, he sculpted many popular designs under Bill Mitchell’s & John Schinella management in the Pontiac II Design Studio out of Warren, Michigan.

Just some of these designs are shown here. The Corvette Concept above was never produced by General Motors due to its advanced design and present manufacturing limitations. Parts of this design is later seen in the 1990s Corvette designs as these limitations were compensated for.

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Industrial Modeling a Dream

Advanced concept designs have continued to be part of Karl’s creative thoughts. This design on the left was a study for a three-wheeled vehicle design that is planned to be part of a fuel efficient designed vehicle for the general population to enjoy.

This design is planned to be enlarged to life-size from its 1/8th scale it is now. This multi-passenger vehicle would be able to perform beyond most present designs due its experimental engine design and honeycomb fiber materials.

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