Given the Honor



As I have said earlier, during last year I had to rest due to adrenal exhaustion. During this time, I was able to volunteer to the community as part of my recovery. The Hot Shots needed my help as well as my spirit did.

As the vision of the Hot Shot Memorial Wall became clearer, I was able to assist in the design of the new logo for the placement of the memorial fence project at the mall. With this idea of remembering the 19, a better idea arose,” What if we also were able to protect our community with awareness as well of fire danger?”. That was a great idea that they really supported in Katie Cournelius’ vision of the project.

To symbolize the mission statement of the now GMIHC Learning and Tribute Center I chose to create with a common color scheme and of course listening to the committee. A good graphic designer will do what their client is after. Below you can see the roughs of some of the designs.

duty callsbattle shield logo colored final roughdoce fire granite logo coloredgranite sunset logo colored

Now all of them were good designs but how do you communicate the mission statement of the center? I decided you have to do this with the spirit of the 19. Symbolize, the bold and energetic group these guys were. While working as the manager of the Art Store on 6th Street, I got to meet most of the Hot Shots over the years. Definitely a hardworking life hungry bunch. The use of drab colors was not a good representation of this group of brave men. Another good idea was to honor the 19’s efforts so designs of the Doce Fire as well as Granite Mountain was discussed and roughed out.

When I do design, I try not to have a favorite. I tend to allow the customer to choose to their needs. In this the best design usually gets chosen. In my opinion a logo should be recognized immediately. Readable. Communicate the intention of the business or group.

After a few weeks of design changes, the battleshield logo was chosen. I nicknamed this due to the shield like design and the crossed pulaskis. In each of the icons of the design are easily understood icons. The helmet with the 19 on its side is to represent the Granite Mountain Interagency Hotshot Crew. The forest and fire symbolizes the need to be aware of forest fires for a safer community. The bottom logo represents the need to be firewise to the benefit of your own property as well as others. The book icon was used to remind all of us to honor our local heroes and their stories.

battle shield logo colored text reversed greened corrected no letters

The accepted final design was then sent to a local sign company for enlargement and finishing. I happen to be assisting the final efforts of the center’s presentation that day so I was able to take a few pictures of the sign placement.



Over the next few months, you start seeing vehicles showing their support. The Tribute and Learning Center is well worth visiting. K & K Studios and the Frame & I donated much to the Center to make the presentation as professional as possible.


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