Granite Mountain Interagency Hotshots Volunteering

Some have wondered what I have been up to over the last year. I resigned my management duties at the Art Store. Art Director consulted for an up and coming artist and recovered from Adrenal Exhaustion and Hypo-cortisol Disorder which became Hyper-cortisol disorder as I healed. Huh? Well let’s just say my body gave out and I needed a lot of rest.

So what do you do with your time if you really can’t work? I am not one to sit idle. I volunteer to the community as much as I can.

I did design a memorial for the Hotshots but you can’t win every competition you enter. I do know the artist who has won this competition and will be placing the memorial on the courthouse. She is very competent and will do well with the team she is surrounded with.

I do need to share my design as it is a good design. I also will be working on a smaller version of this for the GMIHC Learning and Tribute Center.


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